July 19, 2023

How Access Control Boosts Operational Efficiency in Multifamily

How Access Control Boosts Operational Efficiency in Multifamily
There are a number of systems in play in every multifamily community that allow everything to function as intended. Each one is tied directly to the resident and manager experiences and the owner’s bottom line. One of the most important is access control, an essential component of every multifamily community’s security infrastructure.
In the past, owners relied on physical keys or card-based systems. Some still do. But with the rise of smart tech, access control is now much more sophisticated, efficient, and convenient. Here are 3 ways access control improves operational efficiency in multifamily communities.

1. Improved Security

With smart access control, the risk associated with losing physical keys is eliminated. This helps to reduce wait times at entry points, as well as the time required for staff to manage key distribution and collection. No one can have access unless digital authorization is given by the property manager to the resident, or by the resident to a guest or visitor. Authorization to only specific areas of the property can be given or removed.
Every exit and entry is digitally logged in real time, keeping a perfect record of the activity at every access point on the property. This helps to prevent unauthorized entry, theft, vandalism, and other security issues that can disrupt daily operations. By reducing the risk of security incidents, property managers (PMs) can avoid disruptions to operations and costly repairs.

2. Streamlined Operations

The ability to streamline operations is one of the most significant advantages of smart access control. Before smart tech, property managers and staff had to manually manage keys and cards which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Modern access control products allow for centralized management, providing property managers with greater visibility and control over access permissions.
Smart access control can be integrated with property management software, allowing property managers to grant or revoke access easily to individual units or common areas. This eliminates the need for physical key management as mentioned above. It also reduces the risk of lost or stolen keys and the associated costs of rekeying locks. Property managers receive real-time data on access activity, allowing them to identify and address any security issues quickly.
Communication between staff is also enhanced. In the event of a security or pressing maintenance issue, PMs and maintenance staff can customize a suite of notifications and be notified in real-time of immediate or potential problems arising in the community. Residents can also receive immediate notifications regarding their own unit. This helps to ensure that residents are informed and can take appropriate action, reducing the risk of injury or damage to property, and also ensures issues receive prompt attention by staff, saving time and money.

3. Improved Resident Experience

Smart access control provides convenient and secure access to units, amenities, and common areas. Residents use their smartphone to access their unit, the gym, pool, or other amenities without the need for a physical key. This reduces the risk of lost keys or forgotten access codes, which can lead to frustration and delays for residents. And remote access enables residents to grant temporary access to guests and visitors.


Access control products play a critical role in creating operational efficiency in multifamily communities. By improving security, reducing maintenance costs, streamlining operations, and improving the resident experience, access control systems help PMs run a more efficient and secure community. They are an essential investment for multifamily owners looking to improve operations, reduce costs, and provide a better living experience for their residents, which increases satisfaction and retention.
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